Wine Accessory Spotlight: The Pulltap’s Wood Corkscrew

The Pulltap’s Wood corkscrew takes the form and function of the wildly popular Original Pulltap’s corkscrew and elevates it with a heavy stainless steel body, laser engraved logo, and inlayed wood handle. Not to be confused with the Pulltap’s Premium line corkscrew which comes in Gold, Rose Gold, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Matte Black, and Gunmetal colorways, the Pulltap’s Wood comes only in Rosewood or Blackwood (Naturalwood is available as well as a custom order option).

Pulltaps Wood Corkscrew
Pulltaps Wood Corkscrew
Pulltaps Wood Corkscrew

Although both the Pulltap’s Wood and the Pulltap’s Premium line feature laser engraved logos and a stainless steel body the Pulltap’s Wood takes luxury one step further with a 10oz frame, 1-inch thick stainless steel body, and an upgraded foil cutting knife and Teflon-coated worm.

The Pulltap’s Wood is the peak of the Pulltap’s Collection. There is no higher-end model. The Pulltap’s Wood therefore makes a great POS or client appreciation gift. Built for the long-haul, the simple double-lever functionality of the Pulltap’s Wood means it will be both durable and easy to use for just about any client or wine club member.

At wine-n-gear, we laser engrave or print your logo complimentary at all times, without ever charging any set up costs. With that said, the Pulltap’s Wood does feature two distinct laser engraving locations, as you can see below:

Custom Laser Engraved Corkscrew
“Samsara” Custom Laser Engraved Pulltap’s Wood

This means that both logo locations are available for personalization (complimentary of course!). The options for customization, therefore, are wide ranging. If your logo has two elements we can break them up and laser a different element at each location. Or if your company has multiple brands we can engrave one brand at one location and another at the second location. We could even add an email address or phone number to one of the locations while featuring the logo at the other location.

Please do get in contact with us if you have any interest in customizing the Pulltap’s Wood for your brand. We provide complimentary samples and virtual mock ups, so if you’re interested in seeing what your logo looks like on the Pulltap’s Wood just contact us anytime. And if you’d like to see the corkscrew in person just reach out to us! This is one of our favorite corkscrews at wine-n-gear, and we’d be excited to have to opportunity to share it with you and your brand.

Cheers for now,

Arthur @ wine-n-gear