Wine Accessory Spotlight COVID-19 Edition: The “To Go” Cocktail Drink Pouch

COVID-19 has changed the way we eat, drink, and interact with each other. We’ve had to adapt to these trying times and in doing so have come up with some rather ingenious solutions. Take wine-n-gear’s newest COVID-19 inspired  “To Go” Cocktail or Wine Drink Pouches.

Resealable Drink Pouch
A pouch in action!

These 12oz drink pouches are free-standing once filled with booze (think Caprisun pouches but for a much older crowd) and completely logo-customizable. Meaning your “to go” drink pouches will definitely find their way into your client’s Instagram feed or story.

The shift towards “to go” drinks was definitely aided by the unique circumstances of COVID-19 but I would argue that, COVID-19 or not, this trend is here to stay.

Postmates, GrubHub, Uber Eats, and other similar food delivery services have grown the market for deliverables immensely. This, compounded with the newfound convenience of to-go drinks, means the trend is hardly finished.

Wine-n-gear’s 12oz Cocktail Pouches are perfect for “to go” convenience and brand awareness. Our drink pouches are BPA Free and made of tough, durable, and reusable food-grade plastics. They’re eventually recyclable, meaning there’s a whole lot less environmental impact than, say, a Styrofoam to go cup. We even offer complimentary logo decoration at all order quantities (price breaks start at 1,000 units). Pricing even gets as low as $.40 per unit when ordering 10,000 units.

Resealable Drink Pouch
Recent project for “Angostura”

As always, all orders with wine-n-gear are set up, shipping, and logo cost free. So you pay nothing else outside of the original stated price breaks. Get in contact with us today for a complimentary mock up of your logo on a drink pouch or ask us about sending a complimentary sample to quality test.

I hope you’re as excited about our Reusable and Resealable Drink Pouches as I am. That’s the beauty and ingenuity of the human spirit. Even when we’re down, we’re not out. And as long as we’re here we’ll always be adapting to our circumstances.

Cheers for now,

Arthur @ wine-n-gear