About us

wine-n-gear is an importer, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer of fine wine accessories. Located in the beautiful Sonoma wine country, we specialize in custom branding Coutale Sommelier French corkscrews for the wine trade. We collaborate with our manufacturers and clients to develop packaging and products that optimize our clients’ brand recognition. As a company, we are committed to reliability, integrity, value, sustainability, and impeccable service.

A block away from the historic Sonoma Square, wine-n-gear embodies what wine-n-gear founder Frédérique Mary saw lacking in the wine accessories industry — a business devoted to the highest quality corkscrews and wine accessories, while maintaining the highest quality service and value. Frédérique has a wide breadth of experience in the wine business, having worked in custom branding and wine accessory importation for more than 30 years. wine-n-gear as a company invests in the customer — known for great customer service and integrity — we can’t wait to work with you!

At wine-n-gear we love what we do!™

Frédérique Mary, Founder
Arthur Morgan, Owner