Wine Accessory Spotlight: Wine Gift Boxes & Carriers

Recently wine-n-gear has expanded its product line into wine gift boxes and carriers. Our gift boxes and carriers are made 100% in house which means they can be customized to the furthest extent. PMS-Matched logos, PMS-Matched Box colors, multiple logo prints, foil hot stamps, etc. are all possibilities. We can even customize the texture of the box itself – ribbed, smooth, or textured kraft paper are all possibilities. See an example below:

3-Bottle Burgundy Gift Box

Our wine gift boxes and carriers can for the most part be customized with or without a bottle-viewing window. So you have the choice to either showcase the bottle through the box or leave it up to the consumer to open the lid to see the wines insides. We also allow for customization on all sides of our boxes and carriers (complimentary). So on a typical 3-bottle gift box you could technically logo up to all six sides (counting the backside).

Wine gift boxes and carriers are a unique packaging option because they add so much perceived value at such a low overall cost. Most gift boxes and carriers are in the $2-$3 range. Compare this to another packaging option, a pinewood wine gift box, where you could easily spend $20+ on packaging alone.

Six-Bottle Carrier with custom logo print

As we work our way into the Christmas and Holiday Season now is the time to get wine gift box and carrier orders in. We keep pricing low and our ability to customize high through extended lead times, so expect up to 60-70 days for a full delivery.

As usual, we charge no set up, logo printing, or shipping costs. All pricing on our website is end to end for all of our gift boxes and carriers as well as the majority of our other items.

Reach out to us with any questions and send us logos for any virtual mock ups. Samples are always complimentary as well (upon request).

Cheers for now,

Arthur @ wine-n-gear

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