This Week’s Wholesale Corkscrew + Wine Accessory Projects

We had an eventful week at wine-n-gear this week, sending out quotes and mock ups on a variety of wholesale corkscrew, “Ah So” Corkpuller, and Ice Bucket inquiries. Here are a few of our Favorites: 

Chrome “Ah So” Corkpuller + Chrome Pulltap’s for Hope & Grace Napa Valley

“Ah So” Two-Prong Corkpuller Chrome

The Premium Collection Corkscrew Chrome

Hope & Grace needed a wine club member gift that was strikingly aesthetic and high-end. They opted for a matching set of Chrome “Ah So” Corkpuller and Chrome Pulltap’s – both packaged in a Black Carton Gift Box with their “Hope & Grace Napa Valley” Logo in Silver Hot Stamp Print. We’d say they made an excellent choice.

4-6 Bottle Custom Ice Bucket for Justin

HEXA Ice Bucket

Justin wanted an Ice Bucket with modern edges that could fit 4-6 Bottles of wine comfortably (and even fit 8-10 if needed). We built this custom ice bucket to their specifications and printed their logo in dual-color on both sides.

Custom Laser Engraved Coutale Sommelier Pocket Prestige Stainless Steel for Bistue Cellars

Bistue Cellars wanted their logo to shine and loved the Pocket Prestige model corkscrew. We recommended the Stainless Steel Pocket Prestige as it has a larger laser engraving space on the spine than the remainder of the Pocket Prestige models (due to its full stainless steel body).

Pocket Prestige Corkscrew by Coutale Sommelier Stainless Steel

Gold 750mL “One Bottle” Wine Growler for Landmark Vineyards

Landmark wanted their wine growlers to stand out. What better way than to pick a gold wine growler with a striking black logo print?

Insulated Steel Wine Growler

Custom Pantone PMS 319-C Champagne Flute for Zonin Prosecco

Standard Acrylic Champagne Flute

This was a fun project. “Zonin” had us Pantone match our Acrylic Champagne Flutes to their PMS 319-C brand color. They then opted for a white logo imprinted on both sides of the flute.

That’s it for this week – Cheers!
Arthur @ wine-n-gear

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