Custom “Korbel” Wholesale Corkscrew + Wine Accessory Project

Korbel, the famed California Champagne House (and you can say “champagne” because they are grandfathered in) recently approached us with a complex project. They wanted to do an entire line of wine accessories – wholesale corkscrews, champagne sippers, LED champagne buckets, champagne flutes, and champagne stoppers, all in Korbel’s custom color: Light Green PMS 367.

We love multifaceted and color-matching projects like this as it really tests our wholesale and custom capabilities.

Plus, working with Korbel is exciting in and of itself. For the LED Champagne Bucket Korbel decided on a Large 4-6 Bottle Plastic Bucket in their custom “Korbel Green” with a White LED that would shine through the plastic. Here is an initial mock up:

“Korbel” Custom LED Champagne Bucket:

For the Champagne Sippers, Champagne Flute, and Champagne Stopper Korbel decided to continue the Light Green PMS 367 theme, while alternating between a gold logo and a black “Korbel” logo. The final products looked like this:

Standard Acrylic Champagne Flute
Bouchon Champagne Stopper
Champagne Sipper

Lastly, Korbel decided to go with the French Coutale Sommelier Pocket Plastic corkscrew in (you guessed it) custom PMS 367 “Korbel Green.” Wholesale Corkscrews are of course our forte and Coutale Sommelier is our special line – we import them from France and are the exclusive distributor for the brand in the USA. With exclusivity comes perks – we can customize any Coutale Sommelier wholesale corkscrew into any color. The same goes for Korbel where we created a Light Green PMS 367 Pocket Plastic corkscrew in a white gift box with “Korbel” logo in Gold. The final corkscrew looked like this:

“Korbel” Custom French Corkscrew:

Pocket Plastic Corkscrew by Coutale Sommelier

Working on a custom PMS project with multiple items can be challenging. The PMS match has to be perfect so that all items have the exact same color, even when built from different materials with different textures. This can of course pose a challenge through the production process – but all the same, it’s a challenge we embrace.

Contact us with your custom PMS wholesale corkscrew or wine accessory project and let us lend you our expertise.

Arthur @ wine-n-gear

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