Corkscrew Case Study – The Power of Branded Wine Keys

Blackwood Lane Winery recently approached us with a unique corkscrew project. Having just released their Magnum Opus wine – The President – an epic 1.5L Magnum Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec blend priced at CAD $880, they were looking for a packaging solution that reflected both the value of the wine and incorporated a custom laser engrave corkscrew with their “Blackwood Lane” logo.

Our solution: A California Designed and Produced Pinewood Gift Box, coated in a Black Lacquer finish (to reflect the brands black/dark themes), containing a secret corkscrew compartment. The initial sketch looked like this:

Blackwood Lane Winery chose the Prestige Double-Lever French Corkscrew by Coutale Sommelier as their corkscrew of choice. The Prestige is the heftiest and highest-end corkscrew in the Coutale Sommelier line, a statement piece befitting of a $880 bottle of wine. Here are some initial mock ups we worked up for Blackwood Lane of both the Prestige and Prestige Pocket Blackwood with a custom laser engraved “Blackwood Lane” logo:

Once the initial packaging sketch and corkscrew mock up were approved we moved into production. Blackwood Lane asked for a silver logo imprint on the outside of the Wooden Box. For the Prestige Corkscrew we laser engraved the logo. The final box product looked like this:

Blackwood Lane Winery understands that packaging and presentation can sell a wine to an end-buyer the the same degree as the quality of the wine itself. Convincing a consumer to spend CAD $880 on a Magnum bottle of wine is one thing, but selling a consumer on a vision, on a unique one-of-a-kind gift package, especially during the Christmas season, is something else altogether.

Of all the wine accessories Blackwood Lane could’ve included in the Magnum Wine Box they chose the corkscrew. Of all the promotional wine accessories, the high-end corkscrew still reigns supreme. The combination of high usage, functionality, and repeat logo impression can’t be beat. Coutale Sommelier corkscrews, which last a lifetime, get repeat impressions from customers over the course of years – keeping a wine brand relevant in the consumer’s mind at all times. 

The Packaging and Custom Corkscrew solution we developed for Blackwood Lane was a highlight of our year. A project that was as fun as it was rewarding; both in sales and in satisfaction for all parties involved.

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