Case Study: Custom Ice Bucket + Branded Innovation Coutale Sommelier French Corkscrew

Philippe Dandurand, the gold standard for wine distribution in Canada, recently approached us with a unique project. They wanted to create an ice bucket and a matching custom corkscrew in their trademark Pantone 2935U. At first we discussed the possibilities of the Pulltap’s Spanish corkscrew in a custom Pantone with a matching white gift box. Here’s an initial mock up:

Pulltap’s Spanish corkscrew in a custom Pantone

After seeing samples, however, Dandurand ended up preferring the Coutale Sommelier Innovation Corkscrew (similar manual double-lever mechanism to the Spanish Pulltap’s). They weren’t sure, however, whether they wanted to do the corkscrew in White with logo in Pantone 2935U, or the opposite, the corkscrew in Pantone 2935U and the logo in White. After reviewing mock ups (here below) Dandurand decided on moving forward with the Innovation with the custom Pantone 2935U handle, logo in white, with a matching sleeve with “Dandurand” logo in Pantone 2935U. In this way we were able to use Dandurand’s colors to the maximum, increasing brand color recognition.


Pulltap’s Spanish corkscrew in a custom Pantone

V2 (Approved Version):

Pulltap’s Spanish corkscrew in a custom Pantone

For the Ice Bucket Dandurand had an interesting concept. They wanted to do a dual color logo on a Matte Black Ice Bucket – easy enough – but there was a kicker, the interior of the bucket was to be Pantone 2935U, their brand color. Our factory is able to produce virtually any combination of colors and this project was no exception. We were able to produce this dual color bucket with no issues on execution or timing. We started with a Pantone 2935U bucket which we coated in Matte Black paint on the outside. The final touch was the dual color “Dandurand” logo. Here’s the final product, you can judge for yourself if we represented Dandurand’s branding well:

dual color Ice bucket

All in all we love projects that harness a concept and force us to think outside the box. The Dandurand project was one of these projects. We were able to fulfill Dandurand’s vision through a mixture of creativity and knowhow. We couldn’t ask for anything more out of a wine accessory project.

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Cheers for now!
Arthur, Owner