What Makes the Pulltap Corkscrew So Great?

They’re From Spain!

First of all, they’re Spanish. Pulltap’s corkscrews originated in Spain, a country that knows a thing or two about wine production (see Rioja Gran Reserva). When the Pulltap corkscrew came onto the scene they were an immediate hit. Available in a variety of colors, durable, easily logo customizable, and lightweight and functional, the Pulltap’s have since evolved into the wine industry standard for a go-to wine key. But beware of knock offs! With wine-n-gear we only import authentic Pulltap’s. Pulltap’s corkscrews should last 2-3 years under heavy use, not break over the course of a few weeks or months. 

Original Pulltaps Corkscrew
The Pulltap’s Original Collection Corkscrew White

The First Double Lever

The Double Lever corkscrew, or waiter’s corkscrew, is something we largely take for granted now. That wasn’t always the case. Before Pulltap’s  invented the double lever corkscrew, or two-step, most waiters and wine industry professionals had to use single-lever corkscrews, often called waiter’s friends. The problem with a single lever corkscrew is that the leverage provided is often not enough to fully extract the cork from the bottle, leaving the operator to have to manually pull the cork out, and in some worst case scenarios, accidentally break the cork (especially if the cork is from an older bottler of wine). With the two-step operation the first lever only has to extract the cork 50%. The second lever can then finish off the cork extraction for a much smoother cork pull.

Original Pulltaps Corkscrew
The Pulltap’s Original Collection Corkscrew Custom Pantone

Convinced yet? Check out our selection of Pulltap’s. We sell the Original Pulltap’s as well as the Pulltap’s Premium Collection (Stainless Steel, Chrome, Gunmetal, and Matte Black). We can also make your Pulltap’s in any custom PMS/Pantone color on orders of 500 units+. 

Cheers for now!
Arthur @ wine-n-gear