Coutale Vine Tying Tool - Made in France

Product code: WNG-249-R


Coutale Vine Tying Tool - Made in France

Product code: WNG-249-R


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  • Description

    French inventor Philippe Bernède, owner of Clos La Coutale winery in Cahors, France set out to re-invent the Vine Tying tool. Upset with the inferior quality of handheld machines on the market, and tired of the mechanical breakdown, cumbersome packs, and constant re-charging associated with electric tying machines, Philippe set out to invent what is now the Coutale Vine Tying Tool. 100% Made in France, and backed by a lifetime guarantee, this tying machine is designed to replace all past tying machines. 100% hand-held and manual, this machine is faster than an electric machine, more durable, and completely bomb-proof. The coutale tying machine is completely hand held, is not battery operated, and does not require a battery or cumbersome pack. No possible mechanical breakdown. The Coutale Vine Tyer is the fastest vine tying machine on the market at 1.5 seconds per tie. Completely hand-held. 4cm opening means you can attach just about any vegetation.

    Works with our Brown Biodegradable Tape

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    Size: 16 x 8 x 3
    Weight: 2 lbs

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    1. JNS

      This tool is awesome!

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