Wholesale Wine Accessory Spotlight: The Innovation by Coutale Sommelier

The Innovation by Coutale Sommelier is the most cost-effective corkscrew in the Coutale Sommelier collection. As a part of the Coutale Sommelier France collection the Innovation is a  workhorse of a corkscrew. A manual double lever, stainless steel body, and the ability to pad print or laser engrave on the handle makes this corkscrew a favorite of large distribution and marketing projects. This week we had the pleasure of working with Lede Family Wines on three different Innovation corkscrews, shown below:

Innovation Black
Innovation Stainless Steel

Lede Family Wines decided to stick primarily to the Innovation Stainless Steel, the full-stainless steel Innovation that comes standard with a laser engraving. Only for their “Lede Family Wines” brand did they choose to move forward with the Innovation Black, choosing a white pad printed logo that contrasts perfectly with the handle.

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