Wine Accessory Spotlight: 750mL Wine Growlers

“One Bottle” or 750mL Wine Growlers made a huge splash when they landed on the Wholesale Wine Accessory scene a couple years ago. The perfect logoed POS item or promotional gift, Wine Growlers made it easy for wine enthusiasts to pack a bottle of Rosé or Sauvignon Blanc to the beach, to a picnic, a concert, or elsewhere – all while keeping their beverage cold for up to 12 hours.

Wine-n-gear carries wine growlers and logo prints or laser engraves them with custom branding for the Wine Industry. For wineries, Wine Growlers represent an opportunity for brand recognition while incentivizing client’s to take their wine on the go – further strengthening the consumer’s relationship with the winery. As a POS item or a promotional item Wine Growlers are excellent. To a consumer a Wine Growler is a high-value item, something to be used for multiple years, further lengthening the brand interaction cycle.

Take a look at some of the Wholesale Wine Growler projects we’ve worked on and contact us if wholesale wine growlers could be a part of your next POS or promotional program.

Insulated Steel Wine Growler (25oz)
Matte Black
Insulated Steel Wine Growler (25oz)
Custom Pantone
Insulated Steel Wine Growler (25oz)

Cheers for now,
Arthur @ wine-n-gear

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