Wholesale Wine Accessory Projects [Week of June 17-21 2019]

We had a particularly noir week this week at wine-n-gear; lots of our wholesale wine accessory projects done in dark/noir color schemes. No project more exemplifies the noir theme of our week more than our project with “Solea” Wines. Solea opted for a dual color white/red imprint on both sides of our Coutale Sommelier Premium Corkscrew. The results are below:

Continuing our thread of Black projects is this custom foil cutter we did for “Canihan” and “Exuberance” a family of small-production brands out of Sonoma, CA. These came out particularly well, with Canihan and Exuberance using both complementary logo placements to their advantage.

Standard Foil Cutter

Lastly, we had a lot of fun producing the following Matte Black Pulltap’s for “Augusta Vin” – a new boutique producer out of Texas. We laser engraved their logo into the Matte Black Pulltap’s premium handle. The custom laser engraving contrasts nicely with the Deep Noir of the Matte Black Handle.

Premium Collection Corkscrew Matte Black

That’s it for this week!
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Cheers for now,
Arthur @ wine-n-gear