Three Reasons Why Custom Logo Ice Buckets Are An Incredible Marketing Tool For Your Brand

1. Branded Ice Buckets Look Great And They Give A Brand High-End Appeal

LED large Ice bucket black plastic
Large Black Plastic LED Ice Bucket

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Logoed Ice Buckets look incredible. Especially if customized in a custom pantone color that is unique to your brand. That, combined with a large logo on the front and back of the bucket, makes a brand pop. Because the cost-entry point for logoed ice buckets is higher than other promotion items like keychains or other disposable giveaways, the brand-statement made my an acrylic or metal ice bucket is much more meaningful. Logoed Ice Buckets are reserved to established brands with a dominant market presence.  Distributing logoed ice buckets to your liquor reps or restaurant and bar accounts puts your brand into the upper echelon. The account will be seeing your brand daily, a constant reminder of your commercial relationship.  Customers, too, will see your brand displayed before them in the form of a high-end promotional item. This in turn reflects back on the brand itself as high-end and established as a player within its respective market. If you really want to make your brand pop check out our LED (Light Up) Ice Buckets. LED Buckets started in Night Clubs (for obvious reasons) and are quickly becoming a go-to brand statement piece.

Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, and Businesses Actually Want Branded Ice Buckets – It Boosts Their Bottom Line.

Metal Ice bucket ripple
Metal Ripple Ice Bucket Rose Gold

Ice Buckets are expensive to procure, especially when not being purchased in wholesale quantities. Because of this many event spaces, restaurants, and clubs rely on brand managers  and liquor reps to supply them with logoed ice buckets. That’s why at any given Los Angeles Nightclub you’ll see “Ciroc,” “Grey Goose,” and “Ketle One” branded Ice Buckets. These are ice buckets that brands have purchased in wholesale quantities to distribute to their liquor reps, nightclub accounts, restaurant accounts, and more. Unlike other promotional items, Ice Buckets are seen on the front end and the back end. That is to say, customers who frequent the bar or restaurant register as a logo impression when they see the bucket (front end), and the bucket is in constant view of the bar staff and management, generating valuable re-order impressions (back end). I hear from restaurant owners and bar owners all the time – “we need more ice buckets.” Ice Buckets look great and give the restaurant or bar a more lavish alcohol display – which ends up selling more liquor units. The importance of logoed ice buckets to any brand management plan cannot be overstated.

Ice Buckets Last Forever. And Businesses Keep Them Forever. 

Standard small ice bucket
Standard Small Ice Bucket

I’ve seen “VOSS Water” acrylic ice buckets we produced back in 2014 still in use at events in the Napa Wine Country, like most recently at Roséfest at Napa’s Sterling Vineyards. This is a testament to just how long acrylic and metal ice buckets are held onto within a commercial space. Unlike one-time use promotional giveaways Ice Buckets stand the test of time because they have a very real use. Restaurants and Bars will wash and re-use promotional ice buckets for years, boosting the number of logo impressions received off of the one-time investment.

Convinced? Check out our selection of custom logo ice buckets here. And Contact Us with any inquiries, mock up requests, or feedback. 

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