How Wineries can Utilize a “Brand Story” to Boost Wine Sales and Build Brand Awareness

The millennial marketplace gets captivated by a “brand story” that plays out through a combination of a UI friendly webstore, Instagram-heavy social media, and unique marketing of Promotional Products. 

But what exactly is a brand story? A brand story is a theme that connects a brand across multiple platforms. In today’s world, where digital and physical marketplaces and advertising have collided, a brand story is more important than ever. It keeps a brand rooted and honest in a world where the multitude of media options can easily corrode a brand’s integrity. Once a brand is too diluted, take Michael Kors for example, customers forget the brand’s original intent and purpose and ultimately abandon it. By sticking to a common theme, or a brand story, wineries can engage customers and keep them brand-focused within a mass-media marketplace that is anything but.

As a case study in a properly executed brand story let’s look into a custom logoed ice bucket collaboration between wine-n-gear and Wolffer Estate Vineyards in New York. They approached us this past winter with a complex ice bucket project. They needed individual, multi-color icons to be printed across an acrylic bucket, and then in the middle of the bucket, they needed their brand logoed.

The difficulty of the project arose from the complex nature of the graphics. Most wholesale ice bucket projects deal with a one color, one location logo placement . Not twenty-plus logos with multi-color logo placements. When we discussed the project’s complexity with Wolffer Estate they were unfazed. This project was part of their brand story for their new “Summer in a Bottle” Rosé and as such had to be executed in conjunction with their website and webstore design, bottle design, and social media marketing.

Both online, and on bottle – digitally and physically – we see the Wolffer Estate “Summer in a Bottle” brand story play out. Rosé is a fun and colorful summer drink and as such, Wolffer designed a linear brand story / ad campaign that harnessed the thematic essence of Rosé in order to watch it play out across all their marketing platforms. The main thread throughout the brand story is the presence of the Wolffer Estate logo and the “Summer” brand icons found on both the bottle, the ice bucket, and across all of Wolffer Estate’s social media.

By creating the theme of the “Summer” icons and playing it out across multiple platforms Wolffer Estate created a captivating brand story that can keep the focus of a media-bloated millennial marketplace. Whether customers are searching online, participating in a Wolffer Estate event, engaging with social media, or just browsing at a grocery store they’re in constant interaction with one linear brand story: Wolffer Estate Rosé is the definition of summer – Cool, Pretty, Fun, and absolutely delicious. It doesn’t go unnoticed that this properly executed brand story earned “Summer in a Bottle” Wine Searcher’s #2 “Most Wanted Rosés Around the World” in 2016.

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