3 Reasons Coutale Sommelier Wine key Corkscrews Are The Industry’s Best Wine Key

1. They’re The Original Spring-Loaded Double Lever Corkscrew.

See the “Patented” metal embossing on the hinge? That’s because Coutale Sommelier French corkscrews, designed by French Vintner Philippe Bernede, are the original patented spring-loaded double lever corkscrew. But what does that mean? Double-hinge corkscrews came to popularity with Pulltap’s and early Coutale Sommelier models. Unlike the prevailing single-lever waiter’s corkscrews of the time, double-hinge corkscrews allowed for two pulls on the corkscrew rather than one. This results in a smoother cork pull and a smaller chance of breaking a cork, especially an old cork. Pulltap’s and early Coutale Sommelier models feature a manual hinge, meaning after the first pull you have to manually push the hinge so that the second pull lines up on the lip of the wine bottle. With Philippe’s spring-loaded mechanism the spring automatically moves the lever back into place, saving the user time and producing a smoother cork opening process.

Pocket Prestige Corkscrew by Coutale Sommelier Stainless Steel

2. They’re Imported From France, And They Look Like It

The French are incredible craftsmen, especially when it comes to wine or wine accessories. Coutale Sommelier corkscrews are expertly crafted and imported from France. On many models we still imprint customer logos in France. Coutale Sommelier corkscrews come in a range of finishes to appeal to all price points. Although all Coutale corkscrews are based on a stainless steel frame we offer full stainless, wood, and ABS plastic finishes in order to market to every price point and brand image. Our plastic model corkscrews can be pad printed in any color while our stainless steel and wood corkscrews are often laser engraved with custom branding. Aesthetically, no corkscrew compares to Coutale Sommelier corkscrews.

Coutale Sommelier Prestige Corkscrew Rosewood

3. With wine-n-gear Coutale Corkscrews Ship Free, With No Set Up Fees or Logo Printing Fees.

Wine-n-gear is the exclusive designated importer for Coutale Sommelier corkscrews in the United States & Canada. Anyone who wants Wholesale or Retail Coutale Sommelier corkscrews works with us. We take pride in our customer service, quick email response, and the fact that we never charge set up fees, logo printing fees, or shipping fees. All our pricing is end to end. Email us to request our full Catalog, mock ups, or any other questions. Visit our full selection of Coutale Sommelier corkscrews

Coutale Sommelier Premium Corkscrew Black