Wine Accessory Spotlight: Foil Cutters

Foil Cutters are a gorgeous, unique, and elegant wine accessory that heightens the anticipation and elevates the act of opening a bottle of wine. Often overlooked, both practically and as a gift, POS, or promotional item, Foil Cutters are extremely brandable.

Wine-n-gear carries a variety of foil cutters and offers a variety of personalization and custom logo opportunities.

On our more price-achievable (but still wildly durable) ABS-Plastic Foil Cutters we pad print complimentary on both wings. Logos can be different on each side. You can even print a logo on one side and a website or phone number on the other. There are tons of possibilities for customization.

Foil Cutter standard
Black Standard Foil Cutter
Foil Cutter standard
Custom Pantone Standard Foil Cutter

Our Waiter’s Friend foil cutter model (shown below) is prized for its durability and longevity. It also offers the opportunity to logo a third location at the top of the cutter.

Waiters Friend Foil Cutter
Waiters Friend Foil Cutter

Our higher end foil cutters are both built on frames of solid stainless steel and are customizable either with a laser engraving or a pad printed logo. Our JAW Foil Cutter is by far the most popular, featuring heavy, thick, statement-piece wings that can be custom laser engraved with any logo.

Foil Cutter Jaw
JAW foil cutter
Pacman Foil Cutter
Pacman foil cutter

Our Pacman foil cutter is also very popular, especially among companies with circular logos. The logo can be engraved across the full circular surface, creating a unique situation where the logo only displays fully when the foil cutter is closed back up.

Both the JAW and Pacman foil cutter are built for longevity and heavy use. They are both very comfortable in a service industry setting, opening 100’s of bottles a week for years.

Interested in customizing some foil cutters for you brand? Reach out to us!

Cheers for now,
Arthur @ wine-n-gear