The History & Importance of Wine Coasters at Home and in the Tasting Room

When you drink wine, stemware prevents condensation from damaging your tabletops. But, a chilled wine bottle can still put condensation on your table. The easiest way to prevent that from happening is to use a wine coaster

Coasting Wine Across a Table

Wine coasters originated in Great Britain, as upper-class wine drinkers needed a tool to slide (or coast) their wine bottles across the table at dinner parties. The earliest coasters were made of wood, and eventually, artisans began crafting them out of wood and silver. Silversmiths began showing off their skills with fancy designs. 

Eventually, drinking wine at dinner parties became popular in the United States, too. The wealthy industrialists brought coasters from Europe and decorated their tables with sets as large as six. Often, the wine drinkers of the Industrial Revolution used decanters and rested them on the coasters. 

Today, wine drinkers are no longer coasting their wine bottles and decanters across the table. Instead, antique wine coasters have become objects d’art, especially during holiday events. Wine coasters have become utilitarian as they prevent a chilled bottle of wine or a decanter from damaging your tasting-room furniture. 

Customized Marble Coaster

The Best Wine Coasters

Today’s best wine coasters have an absorbent material on the top and a protective material on the bottom. Our wine coasters are made of marble or a combination of bamboo and marble. The marble absorbs moisture and is gentle on furniture. Our wine coasters can be customized with your logo so you can show off your brand in a stylish and sophisticated way. 

Laser Engraved Bamboo Coaster

Customized Coasters for Your Business

wine-n-gear’s bamboo and marble coasters are made of pure marble and sustainable bamboo. You can use them daily at home or in a tasting room. Both styles make beautiful point-of-sale items for your winery or other businesses. We can pad print the logo on the marble or laser engrave it into the bamboo. 

We deliver our coasters in sets of four, and we offer fast mockups and free samples without set-up costs, logo costs, or shipping costs. We advise selling them individually or in sets of four. 

Coasters are affordable, unique items that people use daily. Adding your brand to wine coasters sets you apart from those who print their logos on items like pens, stickers, and can koozies. Coasters made of bamboo and marble are built to last, and each time your customers see your logo on their handsome coasters they will think of you (and your wine!).