Are Champagne Sippers The Most Cost-Effective Wine Industry Promotional Product Of All Time?

You might’ve seen a champagne sippers in action before. It looks something like this:

Champagne sippers

Champagne Sippers, also called toppers or pourers, are a fun, cost-effective way to make a brand statement at any soirée, event, or gala where champagne is served.

Often paired with mini champagne bottles, but available in both mini and regular bottle sizes, champagne sippers can be made in a variety of metallic colors as well as any custom PMS color. At wine-n-gear we include custom PMS matching and double sided logo print standard on all champagne sipper orders.

Here are a couple of wine-n-gear’s recent projects below:

Champagne sippers

Originally designed as a classier way of drinking out of a mini champagne bottle, champagne sippers have made a splash outside of the wine industry and have been featured on red carpets like the Golden Globe awards this past year.

Champagne sippers

In closing, Champagne Sippers are an extremely effective promotional item for the following reasons:

  1. They are cost effective @$2.95 a unit with wine-n-gear.
  2. They are a unique product and retain the attention of a target audience
  3. They are impossible to buy retail, and thus consumers keep them long-term.
  4. They are actually a part of an event experience. Not just a hand out.
  5. They are extremely customizable and lightweight for shipping.

So there you have it. Check out our Champagne Sippers on our wine-n-gear wholesale e-commerce store here.

Champagne Sipper
Champagne Sipper

And refer here for mock up requests, sample requests, and any other inquires into all things Champagne Sipper.

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