New wine-n-gear Website Launch!

Arthur here with some exciting news! At wine-n-gear we’ve been working on a TOP SECRET project these last couple months. And although I…

Wine Accessory Spotlight: Foil Cutters

White foil cutter

Foil Cutters are a gorgeous, unique, and elegant wine accessory that heightens the anticipation and elevates the act of opening a bottle of…

Wine Accessory Spotlight: Laguiole Corkscrew in Black Gift Box

Laguiole Corkscrew in Black Gift Box

Laguiole corkscrews carry a certain cache in the wine accessory community – and not without good reason. Laguiole corkscrews are the epitome of…

Wine Accessory Spotlight: 750mL Wine Growlers

750mL Wine Growlers

“One Bottle” or 750mL Wine Growlers made a huge splash when they landed on the Wholesale Wine Accessory scene a couple years ago….

Wholesale Wine Accessory Spotlight: The Innovation by Coutale Sommelier

Lede Family Wines

The Innovation by Coutale Sommelier is the most cost-effective corkscrew in the Coutale Sommelier collection. As a part of the Coutale Sommelier France…

Wholesale Wine Accessory Projects [Week of June 17-21 2019]

Matte Black Pulltap's

We had a particularly noir week this week at wine-n-gear; lots of our wholesale wine accessory projects done in dark/noir color schemes. No project more…

This Week’s Wholesale Custom Corkscrew Projects

Custom corkscrew

Although wine-n-gear is a wholesaler and direct importer of all wine accessories, corkscrews have always been our speciality. For one, we are the only Authorized…

Custom “Papi Wines” Wholesale Accessory Marketing Plan

Large “Unique Design” 4-6 Bottle Ice Bucket (Non-LED)

Papi Wines recently reached out to us with a multifaceted branding project. They needed a unique Ice Bucket to pair with Acrylic Champagne Flutes, Champagne Stoppers, Champagne Sippers,…

This Week’s Wholesale Corkscrew + Wine Accessory Projects

Ice Bucket

We had an eventful week at wine-n-gear this week, sending out quotes and mock ups on a variety of wholesale corkscrew, “Ah So”…

Custom “Korbel” Wholesale Corkscrew + Wine Accessory Project

Custom “Korbel” Wholesale Corkscrew + Wine Accessory Project

Korbel, the famed California Champagne House (and you can say “champagne” because they are grandfathered in) recently approached us with a complex project….